WIKF Sweden in the 17th WIKF European Championship 2014

Publiceringsdatum: 2014-okt-09 08:37:27

Thank you all competitors and coaches in the WIKF Sweden NT participating in the 17th WIKF European Championship 2014 in Cypress: Johanna Lantz, Mathilda Brandt Öberg, Madeleine Lindström, Nathalie Lindström, Niki Constaniou, Kevin Wallin, Erica Ribbestad, Ludwig Skoglund, Frank Borg, Marcos Checa, Lennart Lindström. You did all a tremendous job, and several of you performed more than any one can expect, very good!

It was a great inspiration for me to watch you all, working together and with a strong spirit. It is very promising for the future.

A special congratulation to the medalists: Madeleine Lindström (2 Gold Kumite individual and open + 1 Bronze Kumite Team Cadet Female), Nathalie Lindström and Niki Constantinou (1 Bronze Kumite Team Cadet Female), Mathilda Brandt Öberg (1 Bronze Junior Kata).

I hope your effort together will inspire us all in WIKF Sweden to train hard and come even stronger to the future WIKF events: WIKF EC 2015 in Denmark, WIKF EC 2016 in Holland, WIKF WC 2017 in Curacao! . It is less than a year until next time....

Michael Öberg, 6 Dan

Chief Instructor

WIKF Sweden