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Sensei Jon Wicks Knife and Sword defence Greece September 2012

Kihon Kumite essay

"...The Wadoka begin Kihon Kumite with Zanshin. This includes the realisation of good and bad Maai. As the first attack is delivered the Wadoka are learning Taisabaki. As the kumite progresses the Wadoka are increasing their knowledge of Taisabaki by having to use San-mi-Ittai. The kumite advances to allow the use of Nagasu and Noru to achieve Irimi and Inasu. The Wadoka are then positioned to use Kansetsu Waza, Nage Waza and ultimately Atemi Waza to overcome their opponent. The kumite concludes with both Wadoka still employing Zanshin. Throughout Kihon Kumite the Wadoka are using their mind and body in unison, thereby leaning the timing required to achieve correct Wado Ryu technique..."