Japan Trip 2015

Dear All,

I'm pleased to announce our proposed 2015 WIKF trip to Japan.

We are planning to go to Kyoto this time, as well as to Kanazawa and Takayama. It is a 12 days trip (including the flights) and it is going to be around the 1st and 2nd week of April which are some of the most beautiful times to visit Japan. Please find attached the itinerary which is saved as an excel document. If you have any problem opening the attachment, let me know.

Price will vary according to the size of the group but will be as follows for example:

    • If we are a group of 35: £1,440 (English sterling).
    • If we are a group of 45: £1,310 (English sterling).
    • If we are a group of 50: £1,280 (English sterling).

The price includes:

    • Hotel accommodation.
    • 10 times breakfast, 5 times lunch and 6 times supper.
    • Private Coach transportation

The (return) flight to Japan is not included. I will check for flights as soon as I have an idea of how many of us will travel from London to Japan, so I might be able to get a better price.

We are going to split the amount into 3 installments like we have done on our previous trips, so it will be easier for most of us to pay. I do need to know however as soon as possible how many of you will be interested to join us in this trip, so please email me to let me know. Then I will be asking for a deposit so we can secure the bookings.

There will be 3 training sessions included in the trip so please see the attached itinerary for more details.

    • Day 1: Flight to Kansai Airport, Osaka
    • Day 2: We will arrive at Kansai Airport and we will be transferred to Kyoto. (Japanese buffet style dinner at hotel, is included)
    • Day 3: Full-day city sightseeing tour of Kyoto including (Nijo-jo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple, movie village) (Breakfast and Lunch are included)
    • Day 4: Karate Training in the morning; the rest of the day will be free. (Breakfast is included)
    • Day 5: Karate Training in the morning; the rest of the day will be free. (Breakfast is included)
    • Day 6: Karate Training in the morning; the rest of the day will be free. (Breakfast is included)
    • Day 7: Will visit Kanazawa. Full-day sightseeing tour of Kanazawa

Including: Gold leaf industrial arts, Kaga yuzen, Kenroku Park, ninja temple. Lunch at local restaurant, Japanese dinner at Yamashiro Hot spring hotel (Japanese style hotel). (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are included)

    • Day 8: Visit Takayama. Full-day sightseeing tour of Takayama, including: Wake up world heritage, Shirakawa volost, Furukawa drum. Will have lunch at local restaurant. Dinner at Hotel, Buffet style. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are included)
    • Day 9: Free day, Dinner at Hotel. (Breakfast and Dinner are included)
    • Day 10: Sightseeing at The Northern Alps and Mt. Hotaka. Japanese dinner at hotel (Buffet style). (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are included)
    • Day 11: Travel to Osaka. Japanese dinner at restaurant, (Buffet style). (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner are included)
    • Day 12: Osaka to Kansai Airport. (Breakfast is included)

These trips have always been very successful and attended by WIKF members throughout the world. Many people come time and time again so hurry and let me know your numbers so we can begin the count down!!

It does not have to just be students who attend, it is open to all family members or friends with you, and pass this information to other members of your club who might be interested in joining us.

I am looking forward to hear from you,

Best Regards,

Eleni Labiri -Suzuki