Swedish Championships in karate 2017

Publiceringsdatum: 2017-mar-25 08:44:16

3 GOLD and 2 SILVER in Senior.

Jimmy Haag senior in December, made a fantastic competition and won the U21 class -75 against Willam Engman. In Senior -75 final he also met William Engman in the final and had really bad luck by getting disqualified in the last seconds by jogai. But one gold in U21 and a silver in senior is a very good result for a recently become senior, he did not give away one point in senior class and only one in U21. Congratulaions Jimmy, you made a fantastic start of the season and we are very proud of you!!!

Alexandra Haag was in the final in -61 kg against Stephanie Kaup, highly ranked WKF competitor. The conditions was not to good for Alexandra, the flu got her in December and and since then she has had a respiratory infection. Despite that she won the goldmedal. She was also in Female Senior Team together with Sabina Lääveri and Hana Antunovic and they won the gold. In Senior Team Mix they won the silver.

Very well done “Smulan” congratulations!!!