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Vinterläger 2019

skickad 12 okt. 2019 06:54 av Wikf Sweden   [ uppdaterad 12 okt. 2019 06:55 ]

Winter is approaching, wonderful!

Soon there is time for WIKF Sweden Winter Course 2019.

All WIKF Karatekas are very welcome on Saturday 30 november and Sunday 1 december. In addition there is a special brown- and black-belt training-session on friday 29 november.

We are pleased to have as teachers WIKF World Chief Instructor Sensei Jon Wicks, 8 dan, and WIKF Technical Committe Member Sensei Mathieu Beysen, 8 dan, and also this year Head coach WIKF Belgium, 4 time European Champion WIKF Kumite, Els Appermans, 6 dan.

Stay tuned for more information!

Michael Öberg, 6 dan

Chief Instructor

WIKF Sweden